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First Steps– Planning your design

Ready to get started with planning a design for Mission Hack 3.0? Well, first make sure you’ve assembled a team. Next, think about the problem and its root-cause. Who (people) does it effect the most? How can your teamĀ solve this problem? What technological solution(s) is appropriate?

Next, narrow all this down to a goal statement that is specific and measurable. Consider theĀ business case. How you will generate revenue? You’ve gotta a least impress some VC’s!

Finally, narrow the problem down to 1-3 target users. Develop a persona for each user and consider the tasks that they must accomplish to achieve their goals. Each user may have unique needs and goals, and there will be many tasks related to these goals. For the purpose of this competition, it important to identify one to two major tasks, or taskflows, to then emulate in a prototype for the competition.

So what are you waiting for? Start assembling your team, cause Mission Hack 3.0 is just days away!